Areas of Expertise


You've spent way too much time, resources and effort crafting your product's every nuance to let how the fruits of your labors are communicated fall short of their exquisite expression.

Reach a wider audience and enhance your reputation with accurate, precise and distinctive:

  • website content
  • tasting notes and labels
  • marketing and tourism materials
  • technical sheets

Contact me and tell me about your project.

I have earned AulaSIC's master's course in specialized translation on wine and the culinary arts certificate and completed the Spanish Unión Española de Catadores wine tasters' association's advanced course in wine tasting.

Food and Drink

No matter who or where you are, nothing is better than a good meal.
But would you be willing to eat it if you didn't understand it?

Reach a wider audience and enhance your reputation with:
  • mouth-watering menus
  • accurate ingredient lists and descriptions
  • website content
  • marketing
  • technical sheets
... in English.

Let's talk about what you want your guests and clients to know.


Impress your guests.

Don't let less-than-stellar English put your reputation at risk or make potential clients second-guess choosing you.

Make sure your language is :
  • Clear — coherency and competency promote trust.
  • Precise — accurate offers mean no surprises.
  • Inviting — friendliness can make all the difference.

Prevent reputational risks, reduce the likelihood of misunderstandings, attract new customers and keep clients' trust. 

How do you want to put your best foot forward
in English?


The way you use words is part of your unique brand image and personality. Just count the ways you speak to your audience:

  • websites
  • market research surveys
  • sales copy
  • social media...
As an extension of your communications and marketing team, it's my job to contribute linguistic and cultural know-how to help your message reach its audience on their own terms.

Tell me who your company is and how you want to communicate so you can talk the talk and walk the walk.

Arts and Culture

Paint with a new palette and dance to a different rhythm.

Whether you work in the visual or performance arts, I'd be happy to help your audience experience your:

  • press kits
  • bios and descriptions
  • program and production notes
  • podcasts and videos
How do you want your project to sound? 

Academic Texts

You’ve done your research, generated new knowledge for the world, and we'll be better off with it.

Now make sure people can understand and apply your work, whatever its form:

  • abstract
  • article
  • thesis...

If you would like to make sure your ideas are precisely and accurately represented in English, tell me about your insights.

American English 

Is your target market or style American?

Do you need to comply with United States regulations or a US style guide?

American English is my natural specialty as a native speaker who has both studied and used American turns of phrase my whole lifetime.

Tell me about your connection with the United States so I can help you best connect with your colleagues, clients and authorities in the USA.