Rebecca Reddin

Clear, accurate, competent, correct, engaging.
We're talking about your wines,
from professional to professional to consumer.

Together, wine-industry clients and I build meaningful reputations and elevate their beverage in the eyes of consumers.
How? By shaping real messages in English with finesse.

In other words,
when we speak, people pay attention.
The right kind of attention. To what you are saying.

No more:
  • "I wish I didn't have to spend my precious time on our texts too...
  • "Oops, that's embarrassing, but too late now..."
  • "Well, they should know what I mean..."
  • "I don't think made any mistakes there..."

YES, definitely:

  • Tell your story with an emotional punch
  • Preserve your identity and develop your unique sales pitch in English
  • Get discerning customers to think positively about your company -- before the bottle is even open
  • Make your wines more approachable and easier to give as gifts (double your exposure!)
  • Show your customers you truly care about every detail
  • Grow your reputation for the long-term

Reach me directly at:
  rebecca (at) rjreddin (dot) com

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"I needed a translation from Spanish to English that preserved its original literary style, symbolic and complex. Rebecca knew how to catch that spirit in depth, that style, and to recreate it with fidelity. She is not only a great professional, but she has enough sensitivity and awareness to respect the purpose of the author."
— Ángel Daniel Íñiguez Pérez, Co-founder of Producciones Anafilaxis

Rebecca Reddin

As a wine professional
: The world is full of mind-bogglingly diverse, delicious wines with amazing history, science and culture behind them. Who wouldn't be fascinated by it?

As a linguist: The world is full of rich, eloquent, and enlightening ideas, and not just in the English-speaking sphere.

Ambition: Candid, inquisitive dialogs that inspire fascination and enchantment with all things wine-related.

At your service with:
  • Ongoing on-trade experience in Sweden, Spain and Germany in wine bars, wineries and bottle shops
  • Level-3 WSET-certified in Wines
  • Level-2 WSET certified in Spirits
  • Specialized translation training for wine and hospitality through GIRTraduvino and AULASic
  • Advanced tasting training with Unión Española de Catadores